27 Mar 2011 · development functional programming scala

Functional Programming ideas in OOP

About a year and half ago I started to be interested in Scala. Scala is a hybrid between an Object Oriented language and a Functional Language, and while i was using it i learnt to appreciate more and more the Functional part. I will not hide that the most difficult part in learning Scala was because of that.

The mindset when solving problems using FP is different because it forces you to think in terms of mapping transformations rather than step-by-step algorithms. Type systems are also very strong, more than the OOP i know.

Without getting the rant go too far, I found that my OOP style is now really influenced by the functional thinking:

I am sure there is a lot more about FP, but this is it for now. These are personal opinions, i am not a language theorist. I am interested in practical consequences, and this is what is happening to my way of working.

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