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The idea of microframeworks is an interesting new idea which appeared over the internet quite recently. The number of web frameworks available on internet is massive and many times i found myself puzzled about which one is the best one to use. Of course there are the ones i believe are the “classics” (django and ruby on rails) plus many minor ones. The first famous microframework was Sinatra, followed now by others.

Lately i’ve been coding a little project on my own and i wanted a framework which offers its services but stands out of the way as much as possible. Microframeworks were ideal: i still wanted to have a base infrastructure to work on, but it needed to be simple. I wanted APIs simple enough to be self-explanatory. I did not want any configuration files in any format. I needed something that can be deployed as soon as possible.

This project needed to be written in PHP. I used Limonade in conjunction with Twig. Limonade offers his own template language but i really like Twig and that’s what i decided to use.

This post is not meant to be a tutorial on how to set up Limonade (or Twig). Instructions on the website are already clear and concise, there’s no need to repeat. I just wanted to say that the experience had been rather enjoyable.

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