Side Projects

Some of the things I enjoyed building throughout the years, some opensource some not:

  • invoicecart: a tool to automatically download invoices of advertising expenses from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • coolc: A compiler for a language called COOL, which I eventually will finish. Writing compilers is hard.
  • tunnelchat: a prototype of a chat system inspired by Hipchat/Slack.
  • ligra: a object to graph mapper, similar to an ORM in concept, that was targeting Neo4J.
  • comprotempo: similar to taskrabbit, it was an attempt to create a marketplace for handymen in Italy.
  • tabsto: a multiple url shortener.
  • rediplay: a HTTP proxy that was storing and visualizing traffic (on a web interface) as it was going through it.
  • laconica (GNU Social): I have been involved in the community for a while, contributing with code and support. I modified the code to use ActiveMQ as message broker.
  • sxd: A network traffic sniffer, re-assembling TCP streams and decoding SMB packets (a protocol used by Windows to transfer files between PCs). This turned out to be a big project, SMB is a very complex protocol. This is now discontinued.