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Routing in AWS checks that source IP or destination IP is respected

A EC2 instance that you launch is only allowed to receive traffic if the destination IP matches what the DHCP server assigned. Similarly, a EC2 instance is allowed to use a certain IP as source only if it was DHCP assigned. This is a safety measure built in the AWS VPC layer.

This is desirable in most cases, except when you are deploying a NAT instance, or a VPN. In which case, at creation time, you need to disable this check.

In Terraform you can do this either at the EC2 instance level, or at the ENI level.

resource "aws_network_interface" "this" {
  source_dest_check = false

resource "aws_instance" "this" {
  instance_type        = ...
  ami                  = var.exchange_gateway_server_ami


resource "aws_network_interface_attachment" "public" {
  instance_id          =
  network_interface_id =
  device_index         = 1